Hello and welcome to my e-folio page!

My name is Molly Polzin and I am a first year student at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Here at MSU Mankato I am majoring in pre-nursing.

I am very much looking forward to my 4 (maybe 4+) years hear at Mankato. I have been very well informed of the of the competitiveness of the nursing program here, but I have the confidence that I will succeed in my very willing attempt to overcome my education and achieve my want to become a nurse. I decided to pursue a career in nursing because of my past work experience.

Prior to starting my education at MSU Mankato I worked at the Northfield Retirement Community for a year and a half as a Resident Aide, and I fell in love with work. I am a empathetic person and find much joy in the opportunity to assist those whom need my aide. Through giving care to others I have found that I experience happiness and pride within myself by caring for others.

On a side note, a couple other facts about myself: I have a very goofy personality that runs in my family, I'm always cracking jokes and finding humor in the small things to make things in lie enjoyable for myself. Other hobbies of mine include a passion for dance, and a love of art. I danced for a large part of my life and I have discovered that I have a talent as a watercolor painter.

Those are just a few of the important things about me.